Car spot last week. Cool VW drop side pickup. #vw #cars #cool #retro

The Dying Art of The Manual Gearshift

The Dying Art of The Manual Gearshift

Ferrari F430 manual vs F1
It was truly heartening to spend the day recently at Blyton Parkwith the owner of a Ferrari F430 Spyder who had gone to great lengths to track down his perfect car. Nothing unusual there, I know you’re thinking. Most people in the market for a Ferrari don’t just buy the first car they see. They take their time, have cars inspected and study the market. But this car and owner combination was…

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Hybrid Driving Techniques - New Tricks Needed, or Simply Another Car?

Hybrid Driving Techniques – New Tricks Needed, or Simply Another Car?

Hybrid powered cars have been around for more than a decade now. They’re part of our daily lives, yet until recently, I’d never really spent any time with one. You can read here about the ten days I spent in France with the Lexus RX450h hybrid, but one of the things I was asked all too often was the driving techniques.

“But I bet you had to change your driving style a lot, right?”
“Well yes, of…

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On this day in 1978 we lost Superswede. Here’s how I like to remember him. “I just want to drive flat out” #f1

Latest @total911 cover story. That’s @chrisjwallbank behind the camera #porsche

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Porsche 911 features in Total 911 magazineIt can sometimes be difficult creating fresh locations when writing about and photographing cars, especially the more collectable ones. Unlike Press Cars, who’s objective in life is ideally to be driven far and wide, written about and photographed as often as possible, all too frequently, owners of the rarer, collectable cars don’t want to travel too far away for photography. And that’s perfectly…

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The Eyes of a Fast Jet Pilot

The Eyes of a Fast Jet Pilot

You don’t often see the eyes of a fast jet pilot. They’re nearly always hidden and anonymously cool, either behind a suitably chic pair of aviator shades, or the ominous Star Wars sinister smoked visor of the helmet as they taxi by, engines whistling at Ground Idle taxi setting. But sometimes, you get an idea of the mind set of the low level fast jet pilot when you catch a glimpse of the eyes.

RAF pilot checks over his Jaguar jet before flight


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Traffic Police. Just blokes driving about in the latest kit trying to nab you? Or a branch of the…

Traffic Police. Just blokes driving about in the latest kit trying to nab you? Or a branch of the police tasked with looking at and dealing with the carnage of other people’s stupidity or trying to catch the nasty little Chavs we all hate hanging around car parks? Around three years ago, I spend some time watching over the shoulders of traffic Police in training and spent the day alongside Durham…

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One of the remarkable things about French villages is that ever single one has a well kept war memorial at the centre, even the smallest hamlets. Always a poignant reminder of the cost if war. #war #France #igers #igersfrance (at Bors-de-Montmoreau)

For @greyfoxblog driving report coming soon. Jaguar F Type R #jaguar #ftype #cars #cool #driving